Instagram is creating an army of Kardashian clones

1995 Alicia Silverstone in Clueless was classy, 2015 Kim Kardashian is just a boring degenerate.


I shun those who dismiss Clueless as a frivolous girly chick flick. It’s a thousand times more deep and meaningful than the mind numbing crap on the tube today. It’s a hilarious methodically written, youthful feminist manifesto which every young woman should make herself aquatinted with.

I’m not here to argue why it’s a great film, you can watch it, and catch the 2001 space odyssey reference yourself.

I’m going to discuss the widely examined topic of female representation both on and off screen. Looking at representations of women in 90’s films like Clueless in contrast to today’s media is somewhat depressing.

This wave of hyper sexualised female bodies in the media is leaving a trail of moral destruction. One not need go far, virtually or physically, to be bombarded by images of an almost naked Miley Cyrus or fully naked Kim Kardashian.

But what the fuck are these women representing?


Kim Kardashian is probably one of the most boring individuals television has ever seen, yet at the same time, one of the richest women in the world. Inevitably young women are not only growing up watching this botoxicated clan of Armenian bimbos butt, actually admiring them. Every young face on instagram is morphing into a contoured Kardashian/Jenner cardboard cut out. Whatever happened to originality? Or natural beauty?

Post feminism isn’t about hating on men, its not about being hyper sexual, and its definitely not about wearing a shit ton of makeup in some aim of looking like someone else. Post feminism should be about being comfortable with who you are, and others being comfortable with that too.

Unfortunately we still live in a world where people are constantly scrutinising ostracizing and categorizing outsiders.


I’ve had experiences with a few right of centre thinkers, who’ve adopted this mindset that if a woman doesn’t have a boyfriend and doesn’t necessarily want one she’s automatically deemed lesbian or Asexual.

I mean what about self-reliance? Why should a woman throw all her opportunities out the window to the first man who shows her a bit of attention?

Besides you know how picky I am with my shoes and they only go on my feet!

Is it really so unconscionable that any woman can just be happy on her own? Is it that unbelievable that a woman could be unconcerned with the Disney inspired one true love philosophy?

I suppose that’s the problem, young girls like I grew up watching Disney princess movies and rom-coms like Suddenly 30, which subconsciously rooted this romanticized filter over our eyes and minds. Unsurprisingly warping our consciousness making us anxious at best to find Mr prince charming.

On the other end of the spectrum men of today have grown up watching copious amounts of online porn again altering their perception of reality and love.


One day I want to wake up in a world we’re people aren’t being judged by what they wear and what they look like, by how they feel, and the choices that they make. At the end of the day its obvious we’re moving towards a very interesting future for women in and out of media, but most of all I just wish the Kardashians would just piss off.




Greta ChestermanComment